And, The Whiskey Ran Dry

” People will not believe me. They suppose I am just boasting. The way I feel the way I do I should be on the cart. Oh me! Oh my! baby do I feel high. Advanced than a vampire could fly. Give me loving, Baby do I feel high!” Another opening to a great song of a debonair time. Leave it to the Kingston Trio whose lyrics simplified my incoming of age times 강남풀싸롱. You know the bones
when boy meets girl took on a whole different dimension. It’s too bad those yesterdays have not returned for a new generation to witness. Now I wonder and question what the hell went wrong?

We’re in the 21st century where the sensations of moment people far and wide should all be suitable to live with the air befitting those ultramodern sensations that have been constructed and developed. The sad fact though just the contrary has happed. Too numerous are caught in a vicious cycle of too numerous lost openings. The numerous sensations of technology, wisdom, and drug have yet to reach the multitudes that need them most. For many the whiskey really has run dry. No drink and no respite to take down the sting of life’s actuality moment.
How numerous times have we all heard someone comment” If life was only a dream.” Well, if life was a dream moment, it would have turned into a agony for millions the world over formerly. The dreams of stopgap, bournes and the joyful times of all those yesterdays are washed down by the gashes that are now exfoliate. Gashes that now fill our actuality with want, solicitude, and woe. No longer are those moments where harmony and peace prevailed are in our conscious studies. So numerous of our conscious studies now have been shrouded over by the tempestuous adversity of our times. The morass of our days and nights are filled with endless hours of emptiness. A void that has grown to extensive to cross. Stranded now in forlornness, hopeless for better times to come.

If only we could script our life as well as those who deliberately script one for us. That script however is filled with scenes which only produce further harsh realities for the rest of us. They continue to baffle our attempts to fulfill the dreams we formerly had. You know those dreams where life fulfilled is a joy an vibrance that transcends above the mundane everyday life that now permeates our own actuality. All the while the scripters that turn out runner after runner of deception and dishonesty where the millions are caught in the plot that only produces further misery and woe. But, as the plot thickens it’s only the fat that continue to thrive. With so numerous caught in this whirlwind of unfulfilled dreams indeed more questions arise. Yet the powers that be are unconscious to the plight that surrounds so numerous.

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